Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I hire you, and how will you process my project?

  • Contact me by e-mail or fill in the form that can be found in the Contact page. Make sure to join the document you want me to translate.
  • I will send you a firm quote within 48 hours. It will define the services requested, the terms of delivery of the final document. This quote will be guaranteed for a month.
  • Upon receipt of your agreement (by e-mail or mail) and upon receipt of the down payment if need be, I will deliver the translation within the agreed deadline. Note that more information may be necessary: if need be, I may contact you for more information about your document.
  • After the translation, a thorough proofreading is done.
  • You will receive your document within the deadline, along with the invoice.
  • Payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice, or within 30 days from the invoice date, depending on what we agreed. In case of late payment, a 10% surcharge per month applies from the first month of delay.

What information do you need to provide me before the beginning of the project?

In order to avoid unpaid invoices, a copy of your ID and a proof of adress (less than three months old) will be required. This step is a safety measure for me, and your information will remain confidential. The documents will be deleted/destroyed after the payment of the translation.

Your VAT number will be required as well if you are a company.

Before the beginning of every project, you will have to sign a quote, mean gin you accept my rates and terms.

I will also need more information about the source document (What is the purpose of the document? Who is the target? Can you describe your product/service?) and your company so I can get a better understanding of your needs. If you use a particular terminology, if you have a style guide or a translation memory and you want me to use it, make sure to send with the document to translate.

What types of documents do you translate?

Any type of project is accepted, mainly technical projects. I do not provide certified translations.

How long will it take to get my project translated?

It all depends on the project! The number of words or characters of the source document, the type of the project, the language combination have to be taken into account. You also have to consider the work schedule of the translator, who usually works on several projects at the same time. For your information, a professional translator translates around 3,000 words per workday, maybe more, depending on his experience.

Make sure to plan ahead of time the translation of you project, it is a very significant step that cannot be overlooked, and any resulting translation mistake could be a danger to your brand image.

Why won't you accept post-edition projects?

Most post-edition projects require to be re-translated, and the rates for this service would not allow a translator to live a decent life.

Why don't you apply a discount on your rates for repetitions and fuzzy matches?

Because I still need to read the whole document and check that the text has been properly translated, and that it does not contain any spelling mistakes or typos. I also have to take the time to ensure that phrases specified as fuzzy matches and repetitions are correctly translated. Not all perfect matches are perfect, after all!

Why do you sometimes apply a surcharge?

I will apply a 25% surcharge for very urgent projects requiring me to work at night or during a weekend.

What are the payment terms?

Payments must be made upon receipt of the invoice, or within 30 days from the invoice date, depending on our agreement. If the project is important, a 40% down payment will be required.

How can I pay you?

You can pay me by bank transfers, and by Paypal for small projects whose value does not exceed €300. The costs associated with the payment of the invoice are the responsibility of the client.

I have another question and it is not listed here?

If your question is not listed here, feel free to send me a message at for more information. I will answer your message within 48 hours.